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  • We continually Improve campaigns through testing Ads and Landing pages

  • Consider it an investment in future business not simply a cost

  • "Done for you" service. Let us deal with all the technical issues, you just sit back and reap the benefits

  • Get short term and seasonal offers into the marketplace without delay

  • We're Google accredited in Digital Marketing, and have 10+ years experience online
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Get your product on the FIRST PAGE of Google

Allow your prospects to find you within 10 mins of your campaign going live

Do you have a short term promotion you need to get seen quickly such as a seasonal sales promotion?

We continually test campaigns to improve results over time, using a number of proven strategies. We test the ads as well as landing pages in a cycle of continuous improvement. As adverts get more effective, costs come down, income goes up.

Many campaigns fail simply because they drop visitors on the home page of a website, rather than taking them to a dedicated optimised landing page, designed to convert them in to paying customers.

Think of PPC (pay per click) marketing as an investment rather than a cost, If executed correctly it will put money in your pocket. If it's set up to get more clicks, your budget will be swallowed up without any chance of getting a decent return on investment (R.O.I.)

We optimise campaigns for conversions, not clicks unlike some PPC agents. It's all about quality over quantity for us, targeting prospects at the tail end of the buying cycle, rather than in the "information gathering phase" to improve PPC campaign returns significantly. 

Tip - use SEO to target customers at the earlier stages of the buying cycle.

We provide a complete "Done for you" service. We can even run campaigns remotely on our sites. By doing it this way we can control every aspect of the campaign, and leverage our existing platforms, alternatively we can work alongside your existing structure.

We only manage a small number of campaigns so we are able to give each, enough focus. We will only take on your campaign if we like your product/service offering and feel that we can get you results fast.

Why use Google Adwords to generate leads?

"Google gets searched more than 3.5 billion times every day–creating an unbelievable opportunity to get your business in front of thousands every minute… " - Perry Marshall

If you're starting a new business, launching a new product or service, or just looking to get more traffic onto your website, PPC (pay per click) marketing can get you results fast. After 12 years using Adwords to promote our own businesses we would love to help others get online success.

Google Adwords is a minefield if you don’t know what you're doing. Although the principle of showing your adverts to prospects who are actively looking for the products you provide is the definition of perfect targeting, getting it wrong can drain your money faster than you could believe. Unless you're willing to put in time to learn the intricacies of PPC marketing, then you are much better leaving it to the experts. Our PPC management service will bring quality prospects to your website..fast!!

In a recent study on the effectiveness of social media as a sales generator compared to PPC and SEO it concluded, “As far as driving online sales goes, social media is an astoundingly ineffective channel. If you want to grow your online sales, the evidence is clear: SEO and PPC are where you need to invest” 

SEO is a great free option, but it is taking increasingly more time to climb up the rankings, particularly if you have a new website. It's a long term strategy that can replace PPC over time, or be used alongside it, but to get results fast, PPC is the way to go.


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