Branding 101: Assessing Your Brand

Get Results: branding strong weak positive negative matrix
Get Results: branding strong weak positive negative matrix

This is a great tool to use for assessing your brand as it currently stands. How is your brand currently perceived? Do you have a strong brand, or a weak brand? Is the perception of your brand positive or negative?

All these questions can be answered using this method of analysis.


  • Weak – strong axis is scored 1 -10
  • Negative -positive axis is scored in the same way 1 -10
  • Strong (10) – Weak (1)

Answer the following questions using the scales above.

  • Do enough people know about my brand or is it unknown or invisible?
  • Do people always remember its name or does it get forgotten, confused, or doesn’t register at all?
  • Do the people who know about it understand thoroughly what the brand is about or do I have to Keep explaining it to them?

Add scores together and divide by 3 to get average score (Positive (10) -Negative (1))

  • Do I hear mountains of praise about my brand and what we do or are we constantly hearing complaints griping and grumbling ?
  • Are  people always saying they have heard good things about my brand or do I not get any feedback?
  • Do I get lots of repeat business and new customers seeking me out or does it seem such an expense and effort to attract customers?
  • Are people always saying friends have recommended me to them, or does that just not happen?

Add scores together and divide by 4 for average score

Ask others for a second option, be honest with the scoring, you don’t want a misleading results.

So where on the graph above does your brand lay?

Here’s a guide what needs to be done next…

  • Strong/positive -keep on trucking
  • Strong/negative – toughest place of all
  • Weak/positive – people like your brand,  so tell more people
  • Weak/negative – put negatives right first before telling more people

This is a very useful exercise to go through periodically. It certainly helps to know where you currently are and what you need to do going forwards.

Branding 101