Branding 101: Brand Purpose, Vision and Mission

Get Results: brand purpose vision and mission
Get Results: brand purpose vision and mission

Brand purpose, brand vision and brand mission often get mixed up, so I thought I’d include them altogether on this page.

Brand Purpose

Your brand purpose is all about WHY your brand exists. What is its big WHY? Having a purpose that’s not self interested, but for the benefit of others, helps customers feel more affinity with the purpose, so that they may want to support it.

If your brand purpose is to make as much money as possible, then it isn’t going to inspire others to follow it, but if it is to say, bring education to those who can’t afford access to it, then other people might be inspired to get involved, and support your cause.

Now you don’t necessarily need to have a big noble cause, for instance accountants have a purpose to relieve clients from stress of responsibility of tax response, but for those who fear making errors with their tax returns, such a fear warrants them paying an accountant to do it for them.

My photography business has a purpose of “helping celebrate family and the individuality of its members throughout time”.

Brand Vision

When it comes to creating a brand vision, you’ve got to think about what you aim to achieve. Where you plan your business to be in the future. My photography business has a vision of “being considered by customers as their family photographer”, which gets to the heart of what I’m trying to achieve with it.

Get Results: The Hass brand vision
Get Results: The Hass brand vision

Brand Mission

Brand mission is about HOW you plan to achieve your vision. It encompasses both purpose and vision, and should in the form of a sentence or short statement. For example, the Alzheimer’s Associations mission statement is; A world without Alzheimer’s disease. Microsoft (at its founding) was; A computer on every desk and in every home.

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