Take Responsibility For The Story Of Your Life

Get results: take responsibility
Get results: take responsibility

What’s the story of your life to this point?

What’s the story going to be from this point onward?

The future doesn’t have to reflect the past unless you want it to.

The first chapter of your life might have been full of strife and struggle; the next can be about how you overcome such adversity, following the hero’s journey.

You get to write your own story. It could be one with many twists and turns, ups and downs. A three vs. zero defeat in the first half of a football match, sets up the opportunity for an amazing comeback in the second half.

You get to write the script from now on, It’s your right as well as your responsibility. Okay there’s going to be unexpected occurrences that come from left field, but you choose how you deal with them.

Arm yourself with the right tools:  good reasoning capabilities, critical thinking, emotional control, and the desire to listen to your conscience for guidance.

Aim for “love” and “truth” for yourself and others. Armed with these two, you cannot be defeated. No amount of hate or lies is ever enough to defeat you, an apparent defeat may appear to contradict, but conscience will always point out the right path.

Do you think you can twist reality, because that is what you’re trying to do with lies. You certainly can not. Your lie will not go unnoticed, your future ideal self is always judging your actions and your conscience is pricking you if you’re not on track to live up to you ideals.

Are you living up to your ideals? Your lies twist your perceptions of reality, they don’t twist actual reality. Overtime you lose trust in yourself, and only truth can straighten things out again.