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We study the science and art of getting results, so you don’t have to.

Time is our most valuable asset. You can’t get back what you lose. We’ve learned that it’s better to use the services and expertise of those that dedicate themselves to a particular topic, or subject, rather  than wasting time figuring it out ourselves. Do what you do best, and what you love to do and delegate the rest to those that do their thing. Having good SELF AWARENESS is key to knowing what you should be focusing on, and what is better left to others. Life is short, enjoy it as much as possible, by designing the life you want, rather than the one you settle for.

We focus on getting results, from wealth to health. and plan on building a resource that others can tap into, that provides value, and helps towards getting results.

Here at Get Lasting Results we want to help you succeed in your goal quest, whether to improve your Health or Wealth or both. We want to help you improve your KNOWLEDGE, increase your MOTIVATION and be more PRODUCTIVE in your journey towards the fulfilment of your GOAL(S).

Sometimes we can’t do it alone, and why should we? Part of the pleasure of success is the journey itself and all journeys are more enjoyable, if shared.

Think of us as your virtual friend, your accountability buddy, your source of knowledge, whatever you need to help you move towards success.

Get Results: Mike & Hazel
Get Results: Mike & Hazel

We’re students of life, our passion centres on getting results from health to wealth. We collate much of the latest data, research and knowledge from the leading thought leaders in the field, mix it with personal experience and opinion, and use our Get Results model (which is constantly being developed and updated) to share it with our audience.

Our Get Results model has been developed to provide a framework to validate, organise and distribute our understanding of the complexities of what is necessary to achieve goals and GET RESULTS consistently.

Get Results: Mike & Hazel
Get Results: Mike & Hazel

This blog provides a do-it-yourself resource, It includes a number of guides covering HealthSpirituality, Business, Marketing and Wealth. As well as linking to specific articles relating to sections of each of the guides, there are stand-alone articles that take a look at each of the GET RESULTS building blocks from different angles and perspectives. All this is provided free of charge. This is our passion, deep interest, even compulsion. We hope you enjoy reading and looking at the content, as much as we enjoy providing it.

Mike who provides much of the content in this blog, is something of an Autodidact when it comes to knowledge, particularly relating to the fields highlighted above. If you’re not sure what an Autodidact is, please let us explain….

Auto- means “self” and “didact” comes from the Greek word for “teach,” so an autodidact is a person who’s self-taught. Autodidact’s learn without a school or a tutor, instead educating themselves. It is someone who critically and willingly seeks out knowledge, often from disparate sources and fields. Mike has done so for more than 20 years. In that time he has amassed an incredible amount of information and knowledge, that he now has reorganised for this blog and the “Get Results model” development.

This blog is designed to add-value  by providing lots of useful, entertaining, insightful information, for the purpose of getting results in many aspects of life, but please don’t consider it advice, and blindly follow it. You should always do your own research and due diligence before taking action or making decisions, and most of all TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for doing so. This is one of the principles for getting results. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another and without knowing your exact circumstances, we cannot hope to resolve individual situations for you. We provide an arsenal of tools, techniques, strategies, know-how, and insight, aimed at giving you a better chance to succeed. The execution is down to you, empower yourself.

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If you’re not ready to subscribe yet, there’s still lots of information to gather on the site, but I would recommend bookmarking the site, at the very least and check back for updates to the content,  as our underlying model evolves. Wishing you great success in your journey to fulfilment.

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