Branding 101: Understanding Brand Positioning

Get Results: brand grid
Get Results: brand grid

Brand positioning is important because it allows you to find your place in the market. It helps differentiate you from the competition. It allows you play to your strengths, and gives prospective customers a reason to buy from you, rather than the competition.

Position in a brand sense, relates to positioning in customers minds.

Positioning is a relative concept, in comparison to the competition. Not like “simply the best” which is an absolute claim and not relative one.

Your brand position is not something you DO, but is something you ARE. i.e. selling best bikes in class, while your competition might be selling all sport equipment with bikes as just part of overall offering. You sell specialist bike and they copy you with a inferior similar one. You should welcome this because of positioning,

Your bike shop is a specialist, they are generalist, you have prestige and iconic brands they stock imitations, you are expensive because you have premium brands they are cheap, you are knowledgeable about bikes, they know a bit about a lot of sportswear

Because they are on your doorstep, you can demonstrate the difference between your offering and theirs. It is in a different brand position.

Draw a grid, like the one above and choose your own relevant attributes such as price, location, audience, geographical reach etc, at least 4, and against 2-3 competitors.

Draw a heart in the boxes you prefer. Also where would you put your competitors. Mark them with their initials.

Use this “secret knowledge” covertly, i.e. bringing in new products, or overtly “shouting from the rooftops” i.e. “We are second in market so we try that bit harder”.

Warning – don’t directly attack or mention competition. Supermarkets compete on prices not positioning.

Branding 101