Anatomy of a Profitable Commercial

Get Results: marketing quotes sell the problem
Get Results: marketing quotes sell the problem

If you’ve spent any time in marketing, you’ve probably already heard of A.I.D.A. which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. If you’d like to find out more about this, check out my post about it here.

I’ve referred to AIDA for much of my marketing life, it is a great framework to work from, but I now use the following framework…

  1. Attention getter

If you’re a pet control business, you could use a simple headline like…

‘Do you have a pest problem?’

If you are someone who happens to have a problem with pests, this is likely to grab your attention, because it is currently on your mind and when something is on your mind your subconscious is constantly on the lookout for a solution to resolve it, often outside your conscious awareness. When you sees it, it jolts it into your awareness and you pay attention.  If you also show images of pest, either using photographs or video footage, this will further grab attention.

  1. Defining the gap

The transformation. Moving form from A (having the pest problem) to B (no pest problem)

If you imagine having a pest problem, you know that finally resolving it, is going to be a relief. It would be like having piece of mind to know the problem has be resolved, particularly if it’s been a long-term problem.

It’s important to communicate this in your advert, to highlight the benefit or resolution.

  1. Defining the cost of not bridging

This is where you point out what will it cost not to confront problem. Usually not dealing with pest problems results in greater, more costly problems later down the road.

  1. Solution identification

This is where you show off your pest control solutions. You need not go too far into detail, but you must make sure you’ve convinced the prospect that you are the solution to their problem.

  1. Social proof

Social proof is so important, show off past customer reviews and star ratings, in order to build trust that you are the person to solve their problem. Being both credible, even expert and honest and trustworthy.

  1. Results and benefits

Use case studies to showcase your expertise and trustworthiness. Highlight the long term results that come from using you. Know what is important to customers, through market research; easy to work with, show up on time, personalised treatments, family and pet safe treatments

  1. Visual support and strengthening

Show the pests, show the people speaking and working (so prospect get to know, like and trust you).

  1. Call to action

Repeat benefit/transformation, such as piece of mind and what you want them to do now, such as buy now, contact for more info etc.