Get Results in everything from health to wealth

Get Results: knowledge motivation and productivity
Get Results: knowledge motivation and productivity

Why is this course for you?

If you could see your life from start to finish, would you change things?

If you’re wanting to change your career, job or professional life

If you’re wanting to get away from a dead-end job, or from a job you hate or are just plain fed up about

If you want to start a business from scratch or buy an existing business

If you want to take your career or business to the next level

If you want to improve your financial situation

If you want to get out of debt

If you want to improve your wellbeing

If you want to improve your relationships

If you want to improve the quality of your thoughts, beliefs or values

If you want to escape an addiction

If you want to feel happier

Then this course is for you!

It’s a system you can use in any aspect of your life.

Once you figure out how you can get results, it will work for you over and over again, from health to wealth.

It’s a framework that you can build on top of.

We will set the framework out for you in future videos.


To get results, requires some form of change

It’s a journey from one place, or one state to another

Your journey will often involve…

Outer change, from one situation to another

Inner change, from one state or feeling to another

Any meaningful change is…

Emotional, intellectual and practical

To get results you must know what to do, do what’s needed and not do anything counter-productive.

We’ll start to discuss these in the next video


To get results you must know what to do, do what’s needed, and not do anything counter-productive.

#1 Knowing what to do involves acquiring knowledge
accurate information from reliable sources

#2 doing what’s needed involves motivation and productivity . It’s about getting your mindset right

#3 Not doing anything counter-productive involves motivation.

So, the three areas we’ll cover involve, improving motivation, improving knowledge and improving productivity.

We’ll start with motivation to begin with, because motivation is the fuel that makes everything else possible. Without motivation, you’re not going to devote the time and resources to follow through on ensuring you get results.

We’ll start to discuss motivation in the next video


Increasing motivation

Motivation is made up of internal and external supporting and blocking motivations.

Supporting motivations help drive you towards getting results

Blocking motivations hold you back from getting results

So what are the supporting motivations?

Supporting motivations include, internal supporting motivations and external supporting motivations.

They include, scrutinising your belief system

Improving your self awareness

Taking responsibility for your actions and outcomes

Developing the ability to shift perspective, to look at things in a new way

Be resourceful

Having a strong work ethic

Being committed

Replacing bad habits with good habits

Embracing change and taking calculated risks

Using emotions to get results

Developing gratitude

Using incentives and reinforcements

Blocking motivations include internal and external blocking motivations and include…

Fears of loss, death, rejection, disappointment, consequences, unknown, change, risk…

Inner conflicts

self doubts and self esteem issues


External influences and obligations

We’ll look at each of these elements and how to use them to our advantage in future videos.


Starting from where you are

People are usually trying to get away from a perceived bad situation, a job they don’t like,  a bad financial situation, an unsatisfactory living situation, an unhappy relationship

or trying to get a better job, financial, living or relationship situation

Life is about decisions and choices

There are always choices available, even doing nothing is a choice.

Some decisions are consciously made, while others are subconsciously made.

Beliefs and values are at the root of all decision making.

It’s important to ensure the intellect is in control of the instinct throughout this process.

If you’re making bad decisions, or if life is not the way you want it to be, you need to take a look under the hood to discover what’s going on.

We’ll be delving deeper into mindset in the next video


Mastering mindset


  • Conscious thinking mind
  • Uses beliefs to guide decision making
  • Should be controlling


  • False sense of self
  • Directly connected to the nervous system
  • Great servant, destructive master

Understanding how the mind works will allow you to navigate the way forward more effectively

The intellect is the conscious thinking mind

It helps you navigate the World, through rational thinking, goal setting, planning, problem-solving, decision making

Its job is to guide your actions, take control and overrule your instinctive inclinations

But for many of us, it’s the instinct that’s ruling the mind

The instinct is the old part of the mind

Directly integrated with our nervous system; we get nervous and we feel butterflies in the stomach, we get sweaty palms and our heart- rate goes up

Its role is to keep us alive, to protect our genes so we can perpetuate them

It drives us to have sex, eat when hungry, and protect ourselves from danger

Mind constructed fear is felt as if real, like a dog that is going to eat us in our mind, is feared as though a dog was actually going to eat us

The Instinct is a valuable tool, but a destructive master

Each decision which the instinct is allowed to make is taken fearfully and filled with emotion

We must put the intellect back in charge.