Achievement and Fulfilment: Getting The Balance Right

Get Results: achievement and fulfilment
Get Results: achievement and fulfilment

When looking to attain HAPPINESS, attention is often focused on things like, the acquisition of economic wealth. The thinking goes, the more money a person acquires, the more freedom they can enjoy, and the happier they will be.

People also think the more stuff they own the more they will “BE“. Entangling possessions with their sense of self, can lead to all kinds of insecurities, because the flip side goes like this, the more stuff you have the more you have to lose.

Being a success is also seen to bring with it a sense of status. Society looks up to high achievers, putting them on a pedestal, so we can all aspire to be like them.

So ACHIEVEMENT becomes a measure of SELF-WORTH.

However if you’re looking for happiness in such things, you’re likely to be disappointed.

True happiness, will not come from anything external to you, from things like money, image or status.

Instead look to internal values and feelings that result in a sense of FULFILMENT.

FULFILMENT comes from things like personal growth and understanding of self, close relationships with friends and family and a strong sense of community and contribution. Such goals are more spiritual in nature.

We’ve included a number of guides on this website, that cover both ACHIEVEMENT and FULFILMENT.

On the fulfilment side, our Spirituality guide, Health guide.

On the achievement side, our Wealth guide, Business guide, Marketing guide.

These two aspects of life can coexist if you know how to balance them. Your primary aim should be to look after your spiritual health “BEING or fulfilment”, and secondary purpose is “DOING or achievement”. The aim should always be to bring BEING into any DOING.