Finding The Right Path To Your GOAL

Get Results: many paths to your goal
Get Results: many paths to your goal

How do you find the best path to achieving your goal?

There may be many paths you can take to reach your GOAL.

Some paths may cross one another.

Some paths are longer than others.

Some paths may run into a dead end, requiring you to retrace your steps, at least partially, to get back on track.

Some paths lead you to places you never expected, but come to love.

The only paths that fail, are those you abandon.

So to answer the question posed above….

You must TAKE ACTION, deliberately and purposefully, measuring your progress or lack of, as you go.

You should adjust your approach based on your MEASUREMENT feedback.

You should cycle through a process of 1. testing, 2. measuring, and 3. tweaking your execution.

Remain open to alternative methodology; be an humble apprentice, questioning your assumptions and knowledge, always. The moment you decide you know, is the moment you close yourself off from learning anything more.

When it comes to finding the best path to your goal, you would be best to first focus on two coordinates;

  • #1 – Where you’re starting from and
  • #2 -Where you want to end up (GOAL)

Without either of these, particularly a well defined GOAL, you have no sense of direction. You cannot know if you are closer or further away, at any point in your journey.

Tony Robbins is a big proponent of MODELLING, when it comes to achieving goals. He teaches his followers to dissect the success of those that have done what you want to do and identify the key ingredients to achieving a positive result.

Once you know what is required to be successful in achieving your goal, you can work out a strategy for making the most of your existing skills and talents, replacing those of the person you are modelling. For instance if someone is amassing a large following on the back of providing great HOW TO.. advice via say, a podcast, but you don’t have the vocal presence or skills needed, you could, maybe, provide the same information via the written word, if you’re a good writer and your skill-set is better suited to that form of delivery. Alternatively you could practice and improve your vocal skills, to the best of your ability, or even put a unique twist on it, to make it more palatable for the audience.

When you’re modeling, separate out the STYLE and STRATEGY that you’re chosen role model is employing. Employ the same strategy they are using, but marry that with your own style to make it authentic and unique to you.

When you have a list of key requirements and/or stages for achieve your goal, use each as a gauge of your progress. Ask “am closer to being able to achieve my goal today, than I was yesterday?”

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you should have achieved your goal. If you are still unsuccessful, then look for what ingredient(s) you might have missed. There must be something else missing.

Just a word of warning, when modelling, be aware of the fact that things may have moved on. What worked yesterday may no longer work in the same way today or be relevant to the needs of the market (if your goal is business/marketing related). So make sure that your approach is also up-to-date. For example television advertising was once very profitable for big brands but is no longer so, the audience’s attention is focused online today, via their smartphones. However while this is the case for the likes of business and marketing, which are fast moving and fluid environments, if your goal is fitness or health related, then what worked yesterday is still relevant today.

Getting results in any aspect of life, whether it be work, business, health, relationships, requires knowing what to do and doing what needs to be done. You must have the know how, motivation, and be productive.

You must increase your MOTIVATION by…

Improve your SELF AWARENESS.

Be open to alternative approaches and ways of thinking about things and develop the ability to SHIFT PERSPECTIVE.





Use EMOTION to drive you towards your goal.

Develop GOOD HABITS and use then to replace bad habits.

Use GRATITUDE to live a more fulfilled life.

Overcome FEAR.


Don’t allow EXCUSES to let you off the hook.

You must improve your PRODUCTIVITY by…

Being more FOCUSED,

Being more ORGANISED,

Working on being EFFECTIVE rather than EFFICIENT,

Improving your DECISION MAKING and PROBLEM SOLVING skills.

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