Fish Love

Get Results: fish love
Get Results: fish love

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski nails this explanation about the difference between Ego love (fish love) and True love…

“Why are you eating that fish?”
“Because I love fish!”
“Oh you love the fish, that’s why you took it out of the water and killed it and boiled it.”
“Don’t tell me you love fish, you love yourself.”
“And because the fish tastes good to you.”
“That’s why you took it out of the water and killed and boiled it.”
“So much of what is love is fish love.”
True love isn’t about what you get from another, it’s about what you give of yourself to another, everything else is FISH LOVE.

When a young couple fall in love,

They see in each other someone who can satisfy their emotional and physical needs,

Each is looking out for their own needs,

The other becomes a vehicle for their own gratification,

External love is not what you’re going to get but what you’re going to give,

People make the mistake of thinking you give to those that you love, the real answer is you love those to which you give,

If I give something to you, I’ve invested part of myself in you, and because self love is a given, there’s now part of me I love, in you,

True love is a love of giving not a love of receiving.

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