Getting Your Marketing RIGHT

Get Results: Marketing is about providing the right offer, to the right personal in the right place at the right time
Get Results: Marketing is about providing the right offer, to the right personal in the right place at the right time

Marketing is a subject close to my heart, mainly because it taps deeply into human psychology, and I love trying to figure people out.

The trouble with marketers is they try to game the system all the time, trying to find shortcuts and quick wins, which often means being content with making a quick buck and lacking any kind of long game.

I like marketing when it is used to make people aware of genuine solutions to genuine problems, I like it when it’s used to help people. “The best form of selling is helping.”

Adding value to someones life, and earning something for doing so, means you get to help someone else. That’s the best use of marketing, long term.

So if we are to distil Marketing down to its core, what is it?

Is it the exchange of value? Well “no”, the actual sales transaction is the value exchange, you provide a service or product and the customer pays you for it. Until that happens there is no value exchange.

So what is marketing at its core? How about, the getting and keeping of attention. Sure, good marketing does that, but there’s much more to it then just that, like knowing how to capture attention by targeting the right prospects, and understanding what they want and need. Digging even deeper, we have to understand what prospects will value enough to part with their hard earned money, for. It becomes a rabbit hole of tunnels that are hard to summarise.

So what summary covers a more complete picture about marketing? Well, how about this one. Marketing is all about doing the following…

“Providing the RIGHT OFFER to the RIGHT PERSON, in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.”

I think that just about covers the necessary basics.

“Providing the RIGHT OFFER, to the RIGHT PERSON” – infers providing something the prospect actually wants or needs and is will to pay for, rather than trying to sell to people that have no interest in purchasing your solution.

“In the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME” – infers marketing at a location where your prospects’ attention is going to be, and at a time they will be receptive to listening to you. Much online attention is currently concentrated on social media platforms, particularly for certain demographics, and if that is where your prospect have their attention, you should be there as well.

I would also add a couple of additional points, like giving prospects a reason to TRUST you, to LIKE you and see you as a CREDIBLE provider, but these only come into play once you do the other things RIGHT first and are a big part of your value proposition.

So what do you think. Do you have a better summary that nails what marketing means at its core?

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