Productivity: Getting things DONE

Get Results: which way goal setting
Get Results: which way goal setting

Are you feeling bogged down with an ever-growing list of things to do on your “to do list”?

“What should I start with?” you may ask. We can often feel overwhelmed to such a degree we do nothing. We procrastinate, bury our heads in the sand, we’re filled with indecision, even suffer anxiety.

We worry about, the doing, more than we, do the doing. What’s next on my list? Without a clear plan you’ll find you fill your time on non-important tasks, effectively paper shuffling your way to nowhere. The problem with “to do lists” are they are filled with activities and tasks that don’t really matter. How many of the tasks on your to-do list actually move you closer to your goal(s)? Ok some of the things we have to do day to day, like paying the bills, and buying groceries, have to be done, but where possible try to make these automated so you don’t have to waste time doing them yourself.

If you have goals you want to achieve you have to spend more time doing things that move you closer to those goals. We all have goals even if we don’t officially acknowledge them or write them down. In reality, the clearer your goals are in your conscious, and the more focused they are (not too many goals at once, diluting your time) the easier it will be to plot your route to achieving them.

It’s important to be knowledgeable about how to achieve your  goals, what steps you need to take to get you from start to finish. It can often be easier to work backwards from goal completion to where you are now, asking yourself “what would I have to have done previously, to be at this point of my progress?. If you don’t know what needs doing in-between the start and finishing line, you have some research to do (that’s your next step). Once you have a clear picture of the steps/stages from start to finish, it will be much easier to know your next move as you progress towards your goal.