Proof Why Spirituality is Mumbo-Jumbo

Get Results: spirituality is..
Get Results: spirituality is..

Before reading on, please take a moment to think about this statement…

Spirituality is mumbo-jumbo!

Now, answer the following questions. Answer them honestly before moving on. Even better, write them down, because I want you to see how with a couple of simple points I can prove spirituality to be mumbo-jumbo and that anyone who believes in it is as “unconscious” as everyone else, and that includes you.

#1 – Do you agree with this statement?

#2 – If not, why not?

#3 – How does this statement make you feel? What emotion is most prominent? Come on you believers, you should be good at this bit.

#4 – What inner dialogue is going on in your head?

#5 – What are your initial thoughts about the person responsible for writing this statement?

Only when you have honestly answered these questions, should you read on.

Get Results: pause graphic
Get Results: pause graphic

So hopefully you have done what I asked before arriving here. If you didn’t please do so before progressing.

So I said spirituality was mumbo-jumbo and that you were as “unconscious”, spiritually speaking, as everyone else.

How can I prove this?  Well, by your answers and reactions. If you felt a string of negative emotions to the statement above and if you felt a degree of hostility towards the author of that statement then you are indeed as unconscious as everyone else.

You are attached to the idea of spirituality and that attachment or identification, is proof that you’re trapped in the Ego.

So for you spirituality is indeed mumbo-jumbo, because the Ego is anything but spiritual. Now I don’t mean for you to take offence and you may well do from an egoic state, but what I want to prove is how easily, even well practiced, enlightened people can be overcome by the Ego.

You have an attachment to the idea of spirituality, you have your sense-of-self invested in it. You see yourself as spiritually aligned, and you don’t like that to be criticised or doubted by someone outside your sense-of-self. When someone outside your sense-of-self attacks an attachment within your sense-of-self, you feel anger to some degree, depending on your strength of attachment and the degree to which it is being attacked.

If you didn’t feel the slightest negative thought or anger towards the author or the statement, then well done, you truly are enlightened.

Well, apart from the fact you felt compelled to check the article out in the first place. If you are truly 100% enlightened, would you have felt the need to have even clicked through to this page to begin with? Maybe there is an element of doubt in your spiritual beliefs in the background of your subconscious. Hey, spirituality is not easy, that pesky Ego isn’t a quitter, it will keep you on your toes. Bringing awareness to this fact, is the very thing that will break its control over you.

Hopefully you have gained some degree of self Awareness from this exercise, which was, after all my true intention. Please don’t take any offence. Peace and love.