10 Sad Facts Of Life

Get Results: spend too much time in your head
Get Results: spend too much time in your head

I recently saw this question “What is a sad fact of life in 10 words or less?” on Quora.com and a number of answers quickly came to mind, but a few others also occurred to me that I couldn’t fit into 10 words or less, so I thought I’d write a post and put them all in one place. Feel free to add your own, in the comments.

#1. People are spiritually disconnected, and don’t see the WONDERFULNESS of life

#2 People worry about the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.

#3 People focus on their EXPECTATIONS, instead of their APPRECIATIONS.

#4 People spend way too much time in their heads, and not enough in the real world.

#5 All pain and suffering is caused by FEAR, even greed is.

#6 People fear CHANGE, because they focus on UNCERTAINTY and RISK, rather than the OPPORTUNITIES..

#7 Mankind’s behaviour is driven by BELIEFS based largely on nothing more than ASSUMPTIONS.

#8 FEAR drives GREED, which leads to the pursuit for POWER. This means those at the top are the most fearful in society, and we still expect them to worry about the rest of us. What a crazy system we have.

#9 Mankind wastes millions of hours/lives/dollars/expertise fighting over scarce resources, instead of focusing on creating new resources for all.

#10 People worry endlessly about if there is a life after death, make the most of the life you have now, you don’t know and can’t change what happens after death.