Get Results: stop complaining and start gaining
Get Results: stop complaining and start gaining

If you’ve spent any time on social media , you’ll know  that it’s full of complainers and blamers. People whinging about this and that, and boy have they had stuff to whinge about over the last few years.

There’s been Brexit here in the UK, Trump’s rise to power in the US to name just two biggies that spring to mind.

There’s also complaints about local stuff, like congestion, poorly planned urban development, anti-social behaviour, lack of courtesy on the roads, traveling communities disrespecting local areas.

Some complain they are getting the thin end of the wedge with student loans, job prospects, housing market conditions, I could go on and on.

While I have sympathy for those that find themselves on the receiving end of such situations, I too have been impacted by some of these things, complaining, and blaming doesn’t help in finding a solution, other than acting to alert those willing to take action, that a unsatisfactory situation does indeed exist. I guess that’s what complaining is designed to do, force others to take action on your behalf, whether that be local councils, politicians or the community itself.

I don’t suppose complaining is going away anytime soon, but for those that would like to take a more empowering position, read on…

Get on the right side of how things work, as Jim Rohn is famously quoted in saying. I would add that it’s important  to realise that there are winners and losers in every situation. You can be a victim or a victor. Sure sometimes things blindside us, we just didn’t see them coming, but we do have a choice in how we deal with them.

Be a predator of chance rather than a victim of circumstance, and look for the opportunities that come about continually because of the fact things are constantly changing.

Get Results:predator of chance rather than a victim of circumstance
Get Results:predator of chance rather than a victim of circumstance

It’s natural to fear change, because it brings with it uncertainty and risk. We, as a species have evolved to favor the tried and tested approach to ensure our own survival, and this is hard to shake off.

However with a shift in perspective, we are able to see that there are also many opportunities that come from change. When you choose to focus on opportunities rather than fear, you see things you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Let me give you an example, there are people still moaning about Brexit over a year after the decision has been made, they are still fighting an old fight, instead of focusing on making the best of it.

I  still see people going on about the disaster that will befall us when sterling comes crashing down around our ears, on exited the EU.

I say if you’re so sure of a future outcome take advantage of it instead of complaining.

For example – If the pound is going to plummet, because of Brexit, sell as much money as you can get hold of and buy a competing currency, like the Euro, you’ll make a fortune if you’re right. That’s a case of going from victim to victor in one foul swoop.

Any fool can moan and complain, but it takes someone with a bit of nowse to look for opportunities instead of being fearful of what could go wrong. If you’re certain of a future outcome, you’d be crazy if you didn’t move to take advantage of it.

But if you aren’t as sure as you make out on social media, give it a rest pretending you are. It’s not helpful, it doesn’t provide solutions to the situation as it is today.

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