Storytelling Is A Gift

Storytelling in…

  • Fiction books
  • Movies
  • Dramatic arts
  • Literature
  • Kid’s play

Why is Storytelling so important?

It helps us learn how to behave in the world, via empathy.

If I know what another person’s goal is, I can also focus on that.

Place myself in the same state of mind as them.

My body reacts like their body, so I can empathise with and feel the same as them.

We feel the fear, anxiety, passion, excitement and love of the protagonist.

We can learn what they learn in different worlds, different lives, different situations.

We get lost in their world, and at the same time, escape our real life, for just a while.

Embrace storytelling, it is truly an amazing gift to be enjoyed, whether you’re a storyteller or story-listener

After all, storytelling is what makes us human.