Walking Towards your Goal


Get Results: walking towards your goal
Get Results: Walking towards your goal

Hazel and I recently went for a lovely walk around Entwistle and Wayoh reservoirs which took us approx 100 mins to walk the 9 km distance, and I thought of how that walk was almost a metaphor for the road to business success.

When we first started it look such a long way, Hazel asked “Are we going to walk all the way around it?” but as I’m trying to lose weight at the moment, I thought it would do me good to do it. It reminded me of setting off with a business goal in mind that may cause us to question ourselves “Is this goal too big for me?” or “Can I do this?” Just making a start is half of the battle in these circumstances, make a start and see what happens.

Get Results: walking towards your goal
Get Results: Walking towards your goal

As we walked around the reservoir we just took it one step at a time, not big steps but definite ones, one after the other. We were admiring the scenery as we went, it was such a lovely day. Before we knew it we had travel approx 4000 steps (according to our mobile phone app) when we turned back to see the distance we’d travelled we were surprised at our progress. It hardly seemed any time at all, yet those small steps had added up, partly because of our consistency of walking and partly because we were enjoying the walk so much. As in business if you take the important steps towards your goal, and try to get some enjoyment from the journey, you will be surprised how quickly you can make progress.

As we progressed along the pathway we found lots of alternative routes that went off into the surrounding woods, some of which looked rather interesting, but we stuck to our aim of going around the water’s edge. In business we face lots of distractions, that try to lure us from our main path. Beware of these time wasters. Stick to the quickest route to your destination otherwise you might find yourself lost and wasting time and effort, leaving you without the energy to get to your goal

Sometimes our path may be blocked and we are forced temporarily off route, and this is ok, we just have to take a diversion and get back on course as soon as we can.

As we passed the halfway stage of our walk we got a second wind of energy which seemed to add a spring into our step. There seemed to be a building momentum pushing us towards our destination. In business you find that the same thing seems to come to your aid after you’ve gone so far, pushing you forwards, or is it your goal pulling you to it?

When we finished after an hour and half or so, we had walked close to 9 km, not that far you may say, but for me, who has back trouble when walking, I thought it was a great achievement. I felt pleased that we had done it but was surprised how quickly we had done it and how easy it had seemed after all. Again in business you will find that sometimes goals, which seemed such long shots when you started out are indeed much easier to achieve that you worried they would be. But you’ll never know until you actually give it a go.


  • Set yourself a big goal
  • Formulate a plan of action – the best way to achieve your goal
  • Make a start towards your goal – just do it
  • Avoid distractions
  • If you hit any road blocks take enough of a diversion to get past it and carry on
  • Let momentum push you goal-wards. Successive wins (steps) build and form new habits which will make the journey easier as you go
  • Achieve your goal, enjoy your sense of achievement and use this to set new bigger goals and repeat the cycle

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