What Does Spirituality Have To Do With Real Life?

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Do you believe that spirituality is nothing to do with REAL LIFE?

Well, let me ask, what do you think are the important aspects of real life?

Maybe you would reply that having a good job, earning enough money to pay your mortgage and bills, having good relationships with friends and family, doing things you enjoy and dealing with problems, are what constitute real life.

Would you agree, that all these important aspects of life are determined and affected by the DECISIONS you make?

For instance decisions determine where you live, what career or job you choose to do, where you travel to, who you choose as your friends and how you deal with problems. And is it not the case that these decisions are influenced, largely, by your BELIEFS and VALUES?

So where do your beliefs and values come from?

They are generally LEARNED through SOCIAL CONDITIONING: life experiences, upbringing, culture, religion, society, media, government, friends and family.

Beliefs and values are nothing more than rigid THOUGHT PATTERNS that you hold to be THE TRUTH, or at least your truth

THOUGHTS are notoriously fear based, because we see ourselves as fragile, fleeting, and isolated from the world around us. Many people believe they have one life and when that life ends, it’s over. We believe we come into this world alone and leave it alone. This makes us cling onto life with fearful desperation. This fear and feeling of isolation forces us to be self-seeking, and driven by self-preservation and self-gain.

We psychologically ATTACH to things to make us feel WE ARE MORE, we believe the more we HAVE, the more we ARE. The more we are the further from BEING NOTHING we are.

Spirituality points to the fact that this feeling of isolation is a lie. That over indulging in THINKING, forces us out of the moment that life unfolds and into the abstraction of past and future and into the arms of fear.

Let me ask you a question, if you weren’t full of fear, what would you be doing? or put another way, if it were guaranteed that you could not fail, what would you do?

If the answer to this question is different from your current reality, than you can be sure fear is holding you back. The only way out of this fear is to seek a spiritual path.

Spirituality is about understanding we are not just part of the whole, WE ARE THE WHOLE, form and the formless that allows form to be.

So to answer the original question…

What does spirituality have to do with real life?

The answer is that spirituality is the path to a less fearful real life.

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