Why Are You Not Taking Action?

Get Results: why your not taking action
Get Results: why your not taking action

Why do some people NOT take action, when other’s do?

Why are you not living the life you want?

If you’re where you want to be in life, you’ve already won…

… but if you’re hungry for more, for better, then what’s missing?

Why are you not where you want to be?

’cause your stuck in the…


You’ve settled

There’s not enough MOTIVATION to move you forwards

You haven’t given yourself a big enough WHY

If your goal isn’t big enough to PULL you to it, or…

You’re not desperate enough to HAVE TO get off your arse…


And only by TAKING ACTION is anything going to change


Take your motivation from a “WOULD LIKE TO” to a “MUST DO”

There are three states you can occupy, two of which will push you to take action, the other will keep you stuck in your current status quo.

The first state is to “WANT TO…” this is where you are drawn towards or pulled towards a goal or to take a particular action. You’re compelled to act from within yourself. This state is due to having purpose, doing what you love, pursuing something you are passionate about.

The second state is to “HAVE TO…” this is where your back is to the wall. You’re forced to take action through necessity, financial or otherwise.

The third state is “Indifference” this is where you’re somewhat content where you are but would ideally like to progress, be in a better place or position in your life. You have ambitions and dreams but you’re not motivated enough to take action. This is where most people exist.

They don’t take action because they don’t have a big enough WHY. They fear taking action over not taking action. They haven’t tipped the balance. They need to shift their state into one of the other two states to motivate them into action.