Why Did You Fail To Achieve Your Goal?

Get results: why did you fail
Get Results: Why did you fail?

So why is it you aren’t getting results? Why did something not work out for you? Why did you fail to achieve a goal?

Is it because you aren’t capable? You haven’t got the necessary skills to be effective? You just can’t figure out what went wrong,? Well if you said yes to any of these questions, you might be tempted to throw your hands in the air, give it up as a fail, and move onto something else.

Stay stuck

The trouble with this approach is, you will inevitably reach this point again, maybe not in relation to what you have done this time, but for sure, you will for something else, and what will you do then, give up and move onto something else and so it continues. You’re hitting the outer barrier of your capability and failing to push past it. If you can’t break through this barrier you’ll have to be content with your present situation. Be grateful for what you have, and settle for that, and many people do just that, they settle.

Lack of resources

When asked why they failed to achieve something, or why they did not achieve their goal, people often say that they didn’t know enough, didn’t have the knowledge, know-how, didn’t have enough time, money, or they didn’t get the right support from colleagues, family members or friends. What they mean by this is they didn’t have the resources. Time, money, knowledge, motivation, and support are all resources.

RESOURCEFULNESS is what counts

The truth is, it’s not a lack of resources that’s the problem, although these may indeed be lacking, but it’s resourcefulness which is missing, and this is the defining factor of failure. Resourcefulness comes from being in touch with your emotions. It’s emotions that drive you to take action.

We must tap into our passions and desires, find inspiration to pursue a cause bigger than us, we must desire the end goal enough to be driven forward, and have enough grit and determination to push through any obstacle that we will inevitable encounter.

Find MEANING in what you do

How do we do this? Well for a start we must make our actions meaningful by aligning them to a meaningful goal. Each action should contribute to the acquisition of that goal, steady but sure.  Aim for a goal that is deeply desired, with great passion. A goal that challenges us, and is specific enough that we can clearly define it to ourselves.


We must understand and believe that ability is not fixed or gifted, but comes from practice, repetition and the pursuit of excellence. Having a growth mindset will motivate progress, and help banish thoughts of having limitations. Be a master of what you know and an apprentice of what you don’t. Seek functional excellence in your chosen pursuit, and know that the only limitations we have are those we impose on ourselves or allow others to talk us into believing.

Be Creative

Being creative is about remaining open minded, and having the ability to stand back and see things from a different perspective, making the most of your resources (strengths, abilities, knowledge, tools, networks), You need to be able to look at your situation from a variety of angles and perspectives and then make use of what you have at your disposal to help resolve your problem. Look for ways to apply unrelated ways of doing things to your situation. Many innovative new products or services have made use of this approach, rather than trying to come up with something completely new. Why try to reinvent the wheel, when you can build on the work done by others.

Be Proactive

Take responsibility, if you try to blame others, you relinquish your power to take the initiative. Be on the front foot, rather than waiting for things to drop in your lap or come to you.

Be Connected

Being connected to information and people is a must. If you have the ability to acquire tools, and techniques and find, organise and more importantly use information effectively, you increase your ability to solve problems outside your current span of knowledge and capabilities.

Get Results: wisdom
Get Results: wisdom

If you are able to utilise other peoples’ resources, people like family, friends, colleagues, and/or associates, you increase your resourcefulness exponentially. It’s often the shortest and easiest path to getting a positive conclusion, but is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured over time.

Start NOW!

To get better results, be more resourceful, by being determined to acquire the necessary resources to get the job done, no matter what, find a way. Find resources that will improve your KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION and PRODUCTIVITY. Where will you find these? Well check out our ULTIMATE RESOURCE GUIDES currently covering Weight loss, Business and Marketing, they’re a great place to begin.

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