Why You’re NOT Getting The Results You Crave

Get Results
Get Results

This is a piece I posted in 2015 on a different website, I thought I would include it here. I lost 3 stone within a few months, and continue to maintain the same weight today, so I consider that a success.

Originally posted 18th June 2015

Are you feeling frustrated that you’re not getting the results you crave? Disappointed with your poor results? Ongoing failure can lead to chronic anger, where you become difficult to be around in other areas of your life, snapping at others for the least thing. Often this state of being causes many to give up with a deep feeling of failure remaining in the background of their mind.

Wouldn’t life be so much better if you could take control of your destiny, without feelings and other things getting in your way. We all want to be high achievers, successful and consistently able to get results even if we fool ourselves into thinking otherwise.


I recently decided  to lose weight and knew that a combination of exercise and diet would be critically important. knowing what I should be eating, and when, as well as knowing the best type of exercise to be most effective for my weight loss being key to success. I want to lose a lot of weight in fact.  I’m currently 19 stone, which is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and I’ve decided it has to go, I’m aiming to get down to 15 stone over the next 12 months or sooner if possible. Below is what I think I need to do to lose weight


  • Build muscle – resistance exercise rather than cardio
  • High intensity exercise, with low impact on joints
  • Don’t sit so much at my computer and have regular breaks in between, walking around and standing more
  • Burn more calories than consume on a daily basis


  • Low calorie intake
  • Regular intake throughout the day rather than binge eating late at night
  • More calories early in day and less at night
  • Less snacking of fatty foods, instead fruit and veg snacks if at all
  • Drink less fizzy drinks and consume more water

This is only a brief overview of my plan of action based on the little bit of research I’ve done so far, I won’t bore you with the details, the important thing to know is it’s vitally important you find a good source of accurate up-to-date information to enable you to succeed in your endeavour. There is so much conflicting information out there about subjects such as weight loss, fitness, business, on-line business and the like, it can be really difficult to know for sure that you have the right information you need. Most of the time I go with the view, if it makes sense give it a go, but if I’m honest I’m forever reading and improving my knowledge bank and searching out more information. knowledge is power or the potential for power, but without action it’s useless.


Well  for me, this is a biggie particularly when considering the subject of losing weight. I don’t need to work on my motivation levels for business because it just comes easily to me, but cutting down calories and exercising are not my favourite things to do. I have an inner conflict which stops me doing what I should be doing and keeps me doing what I shouldn’t (cognitive dissonance)

What I mean by that is I eat too much fatty foods because I love the taste of it (doing what I shouldn’t be doing) and don’t do what I should be doing (eating healthier and restricting my calorie intake). This is double negative. When it comes to the exercise part of the equation, I’m just as bad, not exercising, instead sitting watching the TV or working on my laptop.

So what’s going on here. I want to do something I shouldn’t be and don’t really want to do something I should. The end result is I pile on more weight and move ever further from my goal of losing weight.

This is what’s going on in a lot of us I suspect.  Lack of motivation and cognitive dissonance (inner conflict) is not just killing us but killing our chances of getting the results we crave.

There is no silver bullet I’m afraid. Gonna have to make a change mentally and physically if I wanna achieve my goal.

Get Results – Make the changes

I recently came across this quote or similar but I remember like this:

“What you do in this moment shapes all your tomorrows – make it count”

Get Results: what you do in this moment shapes all your tomorrows. make it count
Get Results: what you do in this moment shapes all your tomorrows. make it count


It helps me to think from a “this moment perspective”. If I eat something fatty it’s not okay, cause I’m sewing the seeds of failure for all my tomorrows. It’s a zero tolerance approach. All we have is this moment, nothing else really exists, so aligning my now with what I want tomorrow is the only way to do it in my eyes and even though it’s early days…it seems to be working for me.

You might find taking a longer term view works best for you – the point is, you do what works for you and the way your mind works by default.

Alternatively you have to break bad habits and destructive thought patterns and replace with more empowering ones. This is harder to do than the previous option, requiring a great deal of “will power” but is greatly rewarding and can certainly be achieved with purpose, determination and perseverance.

The important thing is to get results, and that brings me back onto the purpose of this post, to help you get results, not just in weight loss but whatever you are trying to do.

  1. So you’re here at the beginning – frustrated, disappointed, angry and ready to give up, right?

  2. You want to be there (your goal) – achieving, successful, consistently getting results?

  3. To get from here to there, you need to know:

  • What to do – this is the knowledge bit – What to do, How to do it, When to do it – this is all about doing your research and answering these questions. Find good sources of reliable information, study it and understand it thoroughly. Secondly
  • Do what needs to be done – this is mainly about motivation – doing what needs doing, and not doing what’s counter productive. This is often the hardest part of the equation. Most of us have inner conflicts where we find ourselves wanting to do something that is counter productive to our goal. Using the example I used early where I find myself enjoying eating tasty fatty foods while also wanting to lose weight. I find that changing the way I frame the situation in my mind helps, so focussing on eating well rather than the discomfort of not eating junk (re-framing the issue). Also I would suggest getting yourself an accountability buddy who will hold you to task if you don’t follow through on your plan. I am kind of doing this with you, my audience because if I haven’t lost weight within 12 months of writing this article, than you will know I have failed to practice what I preach, and with that, I’ll lose any credibility on the subject.

Fear is a big de-motivator that can trap you in your current situation and prevent you following your goals. Fear of failure, rejection, disappointment, change, embarrassment, of the unknown can all be dream killers. Often such fears manifest themselves in the excuses we give ourselves for not taking action, procrastination, buying your head in the sand, denial, avoidance, keeping busy doing other things, over-complicating situations, insisting on perfection before taking action, giving up without a fight. Facing fear head on and moving past it, although scary to think about, is often easier to overcome than our imagination would have us believe. Jim Carey said it best “Know the difference between a dog that is going to eat you in your mind, and an actual dog that is going to eat you”.

Use as much help as you can elicit from others especially people who have experience doing what you’re trying to achieve. From a knowledge perspective, consider hiring expertise where appropriate and look towards friends and family for motivation purposes to help keep you on track. Look for tools which will help you succeed with your goal, including things like phone Apps that you will have with you all the time..

Just going back to my plan of losing weight, I came up with the following list of additional things I could use/do to help me in my pursuit, should I need to:

  • Use fitness Apps – to keep me motivated
  • Listen to Audio books – to prevent boredom during repetitive workouts
  • Watch TV while working out doing cardio exercises (treadmill) – aimed to prevent boredom
  • Undertake what I consider to be enjoyable exercises such as bike riding, and 5 a side football with mates to make it more fun
  • Join a club  and exercise with others possible down my local gym
  • Find an accountability buddy or exercise partner
  • Undertake Shorter exercise routines – high intensity in short bursts
  • Remember I don’t have to increase intensity if I’m just wanting to maintain fitness at a certain level
  • Have equipment set up all the time so there’s no time setting up and packing away, or use minimal equipment (ideas for exercises without equipment)
  • Investigate tasty, healthy recipe choices
  • Drink more water to fill stomach – avoid fizzy pop – drink flavoured water if I get fed up of plain water
  • Keep mind occupied to prevent snacking due to boredom in evenings
  • Eat health snacks – fruit or veg instead of crisps and sweets
  • Use recipe apps for healthy eating advice
  • Put X’s on calendar every time I follow plan. Don’t break the row of X’s
  • Read motivational quotes, watch motivational videos to help inspire me

I’ll let you know how I get on…